SEMICONDUCTOR INDUSTRY We provide necessary equipments and materials for the semiconductor from front end to bumping, test and package.

1. Front End

1) Equipments
  • Vacuum: CVD/ALD, Etcher
  • C&C: Cleaner, CMP
  • Sub: Dry pump, Scrubber, CCSS
2) Parts and Materials
  • Gas/Chemical: Precursor, Specialty gas
  • C&C: Slurry, Pad
  • Parts: Anodizing, Coating

2. Back End

1) Equipments
  • Test: Memory tester, MBT, WBI
  • Package: Marking, Handler, Sorter
2) Parts and Materials
  • Bumping: Solder, Electroplating, Photomask
  • Test: Socket
  • Package: Film, Capillary, Wire